Colon Polyps
Colon Polyps - What are they?
A polyp is further tissue which starts off as a small bump in the lining then later grow to appear to be a mushroom. Colonic polyps develop in the massive gut. The large gut, also called the colon, is a protracted hollow tube at the end of your digestive tract the place your body makes and stores stool. Colonic polyps are not essentially dangerous. So much are benign, this means that they aren't cancerous. However through the years, a few types of polyps can increase cancerous cells. On a regular basis, polyps which are smaller than a pea aren't harmful. However better polyps may in the end grow to be cancer or might already be cancerous. To be protected, Gastroenterologists get rid of all polyps and check them.

Anyone can boost polyps; however certain people are much more likely than others. You could have a better likelihood of creating polyps if: you're over 50 (The older you are, the much more likely you're to develop polyps)

  • Any individual in your family has had polyps
  • Devour numerous fatty meals
  • You additionally may be much more likely to enhance polyps in the event you
  • You've had polyps earlier than
  • Any individual in your family has had cancer of the large gut
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Weigh too much
  • Don’t exercise

 Why do polyps form?
Although most polyps aren't most cancerous, they're the result of unusual cell phone growth like cancer. Polyps can enhance anyplace in the large intestine. There are three major forms of colon polyps:

Adenomatous:  This type of polyp grows beyond the dimensions of a pencil eraser, about ¼ inch; there's an expanding likelihood that they will turn into cancerous. That is why doctors normally take a tissue pattern, known as a biopsy, from polyps all the way through a sigmoidoscopy examination. If a colonoscopy is being carried out, the polyp may also be biopsied or removed right through the process.

Hyperplastic: This type of polyp occurs so much incessantly in the descending (left) colon and rectum. They’re regularly not up to 5 mm in dimension and infrequently malignant (cancerous).

Inflammatory: These polyps would possibly follow a bout of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. They’re usually no longer bad, but having ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s illness can increase your possibility of colon cancers.

Most small polyps don't lead to signs. Regularly, other folks don't understand they have one until the doctor unearths it right through a typical take a look at up or whilst trying them out for something else.

But some other folks do have signs like these:

  • Anal bleeding (you might realize blood in your undies or on bathroom paper after you've had a bowel movement).
  • Diarrhea or constipation that lasts more than a week
  • Blood in the stool (Blood can make stool glance black, or it may possibly display up as red streaks within the stool)
  • If you could have any of these signs, see your doctor to determine what the problem is, as you may want to be mentioned a Gastroenterologist.

Gastroenterologists can use numerous exams to test for polyps:

Digital rectal examination: The doctor wears gloves and tests your decrease rectum for polyps.

Barium enema: The physician puts liquid barium to your rectum, sooner than taking an x-ray of your huge gut. Barium makes your intestine glance white within the photos. Polyps are darkish, so that they're easy to identify.

Sigmoidoscopy: this is an older technique however is from time to time used where the physician can see throughout the decrease massive gut while the patient is underneath sedation. The doctor places a thin flexible tube into the rectum. The tool is known as an endoscope, which is equipped with a gentle and a miniature video digital camera. Gastroenterologists utilize the endoscope to have a look at the ultimate third of the large gut.

Colonoscopy: This check is very similar to sigmoidoscopy, but permits the doctor to have a look at all the large unchecking the use of an endoscope. This process requires sedation.

The most efficient remedy for polyps is their removal. Gastroenterologists do away with polyps all the way through colonoscopy, and then have the tissue pathologically examined for any presence of most cancers. Once a person has had a polyp got rid of a standard re-colonoscopy exam is required to cut back the danger of polyp recurrence and cancer formation.

Colon Flow
Colon cleansing is gaining its cynosure these days due to the lifestyle and the diet patterns we are following making us seriously to opt the cleansing therapies for making colon healthy. It could be the food we ingest or the lifestyle we usually follow, most of us feel exhausted in not time. Also many suffer from the various ill health conditions that make the individual feel uncomfortable. Most of us feel mess with the low energy levels, metabolic rates and sense exhausted sooner than the normal requiring the need for cleansing the colon. Though colon cleansing is the facing severe flak, supplements are promoted explicitly though various media to meet the requirement. Colon flow is such a supplements fall in the same line and is in the cynosure these days due to its features for cleansing the colon and making it clean & healthy.

Colon flow is mostly consisting of the probiotic material. This can be known when checked briefly about its insights. The colon flow is provided by the Natural Health Network. Trusting the product is sometime dubious due to the unavailable information of the official website. We can observe two different websites providing the information on the web making this product to be suspicious. We can know only when we dig deeper for the information about the colon flow product. Let’s leave the branding and come to its working part.

Ingredients: The colon flow is a probiotic blend as discussed earlier. Its blend comprises of lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum. This natural gut flora is known for supporting the normal bowel movement, enhancing of the immunity and the absorption of nutrients.

  • The complex containing the bioflavonoids reinforces the cellular membranes.
  • The natural flora in the gut for cleansing the intestinal tract is stimulated by the apple’s pectin.
  • The favorable microbes (bacteria) are supported by the magnesium oxide in the intestinal gut.
  • Vitamin C in association with the bioflavonoids and the magnesium oxide avoids the travails, assists in passing the stools normally.

What is the Dosage Required?
Colon flow dosage is two capsules per day. That too before starting the first and last meal. The maker of this colon cleanser recommends ingesting a good and healthy diet which should include good amount of fiber daily.

Pros:  Inclusion of the natural ingredients in the regime, suggestion of the good healthy diet by the manufacturer, 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons:  Presence of two official websites make users doubt its brand, whole ingredients aren’t listed in the site, chances of occurrence of side effects using the colon flow.

With the 30 day money back guarantee colon flow can lure the users towards itself but the presence of two website can make the product dubious. However, there are many other colon cleansing products .

Colonic Irrigation
What is colonic irrigation?
Colonic irrigation dates again to historic Egypt and is derived from the concept of auto-intoxication, the idea that food rots within the huge gut and that the frame cannot absolutely rid itself of waste and toxins. The idea means that such toxins may end up in general, nonspecific feelings of in poor health-health similar to irritability, fatigue, low energy and complications.

A colonic cleanse flushes the massive gut of poisons and extra waste, thus aiming to beef up emotions of well -being and energy. Colonic treatment also aims to lend a hand with constipation and insufficient bowel movements.

No present scientific proof backs up the claims that colonic cleansing produces the consequences it promises; even the ones via proponents who counsel it will increase the potency of the body's herbal therapeutic abilities. Though medical doctors would possibly prescribe types of colon cleaning as a preparation remedy ahead of a clinical process, many do not suggest colonic therapy for detoxing functions. Colonic irrigation as a standalone therapy is an alternative remedy and must no longer be pursued within the position of mainstream medical recommendation. You will have to not consider it without first chatting with a traditional scientific professional and in quest of a referral to a consultant.

What does the process involve?
Methods for colonic irrigation vary rather among practitioners however in most cases involve a plastic tube being inserted through the rectum and into the colon. The colonic therapist then uses a machine to ship massive amounts of water (anyplace as much as 20 gallons) into the colon. The remedy differs from a standard scientific enema, which best flushes out the rectum and usually makes use of a long way less fluid.

After filling the colon with water, the colonic therapist massages the abdomen to help the elimination of extra waste from the colon. A different tube then includes extra fluid and waste out of the body.

The practitioner may usually repeat this process a couple of occasions, and all of the treatment may take any place among 45 mins to 1 hour to hold out. The time would possibly range fairly depending upon the judgment of your therapist and your personal wishes. Natural foods and enzyme answers are every now and then added to the water to aid the removal of excess waste.

After the therapist inserts the plastic tubes, clients are generally left by themself before the therapist reenters the room to massage the stomach. A therapist will appreciate the personal nature of the process, and clients are coated up all the time to keep their modesty. You won’t come across any undesirable smells throughout remedy as the whole system is enclosed.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation:
  • Deep detoxing of the lymphatic system and liver
  • Healthy sparkling pores and skin & transparent bright eyes
  • Successful remedy of constipation and IBS
  • A spice up to the immune system
  • An opportunity to modify to healthier consuming habits and lifestyle
  • Higher energy as the fatigue inflicting pollutants are got rid of
  • A flatter tummy as bloating stops
  • Weight loss

What are the associated dangers?
Because your frame rids itself of waste naturally, colon irrigation isn't important until prescribed by a scientific professional prior to a procedure equivalent to colonoscopy. If you nonetheless intend to head in advance with a colon cleansing, you will have to take a number of precautionary measures.

First, try to find standard clinical recommendation from your physician ahead. This is particularly necessary if you're taking any drugs or have underlying health problems. Colonic cleaning isn't meant to interchange conventional drugs, so if in case you have any issues referring to your colon or digestive well-being, it's essential to seek suitable scientific recommendation. It's additionally important to have a radical consultation with your colonic practitioner sooner than going ahead with the process. Ask your therapist for an inventory of herbs and quantities used and test them along with your physician, as a few natural supplements can interfere with drug absorption of prescription drugs.

An initial session must normally take round quarter-hour prior to treatment. Check that your practitioner uses disposable apparatus and that new apparatus is used for every individual consumer as poorly sterilized equipment may end up in infections.

Colon cleaning can result in a number of unwanted aspect-effects together with vomiting, bloating, stomach cramping and nausea. Different critical concerns related to the practice including an higher chance of dehydration, bowel perforations and an infection along with changes to your electrolytes, which can also be dangerous if in case you have kidney disease or different health problems.

Colon issues have been helm these days. Researchers found a strong nexus between the lifestyle and diet patterns with the nemesis of colon health. According to CDC, in 2009 about 136717 people in the United States were identified with the colorectal cancer in which 70223 are men and 66494 are women. Making colon an important organ to know and study deeply. Colonoscopy, in simple words say be said to be an examination of inner lining of large intestine, mostly the colon and rectum.

Colonoscopy as discussed is a procedure that helps the gastrointestinal specialist to know briefly about insights of colon. Colonoscope is a thin flexible tube that is used to examine the inner parts of colon. This colonoscopy assists the examiner to find tumors, ulcers, polyps, inflammation parts, areas of bleeding etc. It is extremely helpful to conduct the biopsy and remove the abnormal carcinogenic growth in the colon. It is frequently used for diagnosing whether the subject has any carcinogenic symptoms or not. The abnormal growth in the colon is removed during the colonoscopy. When we observe about the colonoscope, it is a four feet flexible tube that has thickness of finger. It also has a camera and a source light at its tip so that the doctor can have images or videos of the process.

How Colonoscope is performed:
Before the colonoscopy, cleaning of the colon is required. It generally takes 1 to 2 days. The colon preparation may cause frequent bowel movement that is helpful in emptying the colon. It can be uncomfortable to the subject as he may feel hungry with the liquid diet. During the initiation of the colonoscopy process, subject is injected with the medicine to make him/her relax and to not feel any discomfort by the gastrointestinal specialist. A gown will be given to wear and said to lie on left side pulling knees up to the belly during the process. The colonoscope is inserted into the anal canal and gently moved up to the cecum through the rectum part. Air will also be sent for a better view. The GI specialist can use the tools to conduct biopsy to collect the cell samples or to remove the growths such as polyps. Subject doesn’t feel any sense of the removal. Normally this process takes place for about 45 minutes but can vary depending upon the result of the study.

After colonoscopy, the subject i.e. the person will be under observation for about 1 to 2 hours. Based upon his condition, he will be discharged. Doctors recommend neither driving nor working hard like operating machines for about 12 hours after the colonoscopy. Doctor specifies what to be consumed after the colonoscopy and when to start ingesting the normal diet. It is also suggested to take lot of liquids after the colon investigation so it can replace the lost fluids.

The colon preparation can make person feel uncomfortable due to the diarrhea and cramping. The subject may feel drowsy due to the medications used during the colonoscopy. Also some pain can be experienced during the passing of air. It is suggested to talk to the consultant about the pain.

If any colon polyp is identified and removed, there can be traces of blood in the stools. Often the doctors recommend after eliminating the colon polyps to not take any aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for about one to two weeks.

Contact Doctor after the colonoscopy if…

  • Observe rectal bleeding
  • Acute abdominal pain
  • Puking
  • Fever and feeling dizziness
  •   Firm belly

Risks Associated with the Colonoscopy:
There are very small chances of the risks with the colonoscopy. The colon wall may get pierced that may cause bleeding.
After performing the colonoscopy, the cell tissues are collected and are sent for the laboratory for examination. The things get diagnosed and person will be informed about the result.

Colon Irrigation
Colon Cleansing methods have gained a rapid cynosure due to the diet and lifestyle patterns we follow. Most of us are leading a sedentary life and are habituated to the processed and fast foods. Result is the bad health. Colon in the large intestine serves the body by catering the absorbing of water content and left over nutrients and aids in forming solid stools. The prominence of colon cleansing is mainly known due to the auto-intoxication.

Whether it would be Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy or colonic, they are all the synonyms. Colonics is a method of colon cleansing where the water is infused into the rectum by a colon therapy specialist. The client is asked to lie face up on the treatment bed wearing a gown like dressing which helps in doing the procedure with ease. The colon hydrotherapy includes a speculum which is disposable in nature. It is inserted into the anus which has both the inlet for passing the water and outlet for collecting the debris coming from the rectum. This speculum is connected to the colonic unit. Filtered Luke warm water is released sent into the rectum through the speculum. The solution sent into the rectum causes muscle to contract known to be as peristalsis. The muscle movement causes flush in the colon pushing the fecal matter, toxins and gas to expel out.  The debris flushed from the rectum is collected safely into the hydrotherapy unit.

How Colon Irrigation differ with Enemas?
Though both are the colon cleansing therapies, they differ from each other due to their functionality. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the complete colon and whereas the enemas are restricted to cleanse only the lower segments of the colon (i.e. descending and sigmoid colon).
  • Colonics includes the multiple infusion of the water into the colon compared to the single infusion of enemas.
  • Undergoing the colonic, user doesn't have to feel strain as the waste is eliminated through a tube. This therapy isn't weird compared to enemas.
  • In enemas, person should visit the lavatory room after the one time water infusion.
  • Colon hydrotherapy must be done by a specialist and requires specific equipment where enemas don’t need any specialist at all. Enemas kit is available online.

When Colon Irrigation is suggested?

It is suggested to the people by the medical practitioners due to the following reasons:
  • To eliminate the mounted up waste from the colon parts of the intestine
  •  To avert the constipation and issues related to it
  •  To advance the immune system
  •  To improve the health of the individual

Does Colon Irrigation Really Work?
This is a common query in most of the individuals. But when the nexus of the colon health with the colon irrigation therapy is considered, it is considered to be a good therapy that can work towards a good colon health.

Advantages doing colonic are improving the immune system. Colonics averse the auto intoxication effects and helps to strengthen the immune system. Due to loss of the unwanted debris from the body, people can lose the weight and indeed become slim. The colonic can toil towards the reduction of the chances of getting colon cancer.

Drawbacks and disadvantages behind Colon Irrigation:
Though there are various advantages with the colonic therapy, there can be some potential side effects like: Cramps, vomiting, nausea, mineral disparity, perforation of colon walls, anal infections, removal of the helpful gastrointestinal flora from the gut, dehydration etc.

Bottom Line:
Colon irrigation with several flaks and touts around the globe marks its presence as an aisle for a good colon health. Most specialists refer it to be a worthy therapy that nemesis the ill colon.

Colon Cleanser
Colon cleansing products are doing rounds around the health world. They gained the cynosure due to the augmented awareness in the people regarding the health. Indeed these days these products have created a buzz in the people. It is a fact that people who doesn't know about the colon cleansing products are very rare to watch. If you are new to the colon cleansing products you may have a query regarding why they are used. Well, let us discuss initially about what is colon and its importance.

What is Colon?

Colon is the last part of the digestive system. Interestingly there are some facts like it is a part of large intestine. Though it is a part of digestive system, it neither takes part in digestion nor in major absorption of the digested food. It is confined to the partial absorption works like absorption of water and nutrients from the digested food that is passed into the colon. Colon is segmented into ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid colon. The ascending colon is the initial part which is connected to the cecum of large intestine and the sigmoid colon is the last part connected to the rectum. Water and the nutrients are absorbed from the food material which has been digested and absorbed. Later on this becomes stool which gets settled in the rectum for excretion through the anal canal.

Colon Cleansing

Colon has the ability to excrete the debris or the matter which is passes through it. But according to some theories, sometimes colon loses its ability of self-cleansing. This may result in accumulation of the left-over matter in the colon which may cause auto-intoxication. The auto-intoxication is the phenomenon where the toxic substances produced in the colon due to unmoved human debris enter the blood stream and causes the illness. Thus the need of external aid for cleansing the colon arises. There are foods as well as supplements available which works fine for cleansing of the colon. Colon cleansing products available around are a mixture of various good qualities that end up making users feel energetic, free from various colon health.

Colon Cleansing Products

Colon health is the prime motto of any colon cleansing product. Whether it may be at home colon cleanse or any colon cleansing products over the counter. They should work towards a good colon health. There are some qualities a good colon cleansing product should possess: detoxification, improve Immune system, aid in losing weight, economical, shouldn’t produce side effects, etc. It should be successful in nemesis of toxic material. It should augment the immune system in the body. It should be good in scraping the colonic waste from the body. It has to explicitly promote the colon health.

Colon Cleansers Reviews
These days, detoxifying the colon has become one of the most well liked treatments routinely suggested by natural health practitioners. More than 50% of the immune system is located in or around the digestive system, especially the large intestine. Colon extracts water and salt from feces. It is mainly responsible for maintaining the appropriate balance of water, storing waste and absorbing some vitamins. If you are experiencing fatigue, bloating and constipation, you might very well advantage from a colon cleansing product.

Luckily, there are a number of colon detox programs available to help you scrub and remove hardened fecal matter and parasites from the colon. Many colon cleansing products available today use a variety of herbs to remove harmful buildup and waste. Some products are long-term solutions and the others should only be used for a limited time. Therefore it is very important to consider your colon health goals when choosing a colon cleansing product.

There are a number of characteristics to address when looking for colon cleansing products. Few of these include: Effectiveness, Guarantee and Ease of Use.

You can find all kinds of Colon cleanser reviews online but based on a very careful evaluation of all cons and pro’s we feel that most of those review are fake. Some of the products seem to work well but are very inconvenient to use as they give headaches, bloating and diarrhea, others were not very effective in terms of weight loss.

 Benefits of Colon Cleansing:

Most of us think that our digestive systems will give us problems from time to time. A colon cleanse can not only produce a clean colon, it can provide a host of other benefits as well leading to good health. A benefit of colon cleansing is the quick elimination of waste product from our bodies. It is also said to improve many ailments such as digestive problems, Candida and others. Colon cleansing produces many benefits to your health and body. A thorough analysis of product reviews for colon cleansers is recommended to achieve best results.

Tips to follow when buying colon cleansers:

Colon is a vital digestive organ that often plays a defining role in the maintenance of health. Its primary function is to remove all of the toxins and waste products from the body. It is significant to keep the colon clear of all wastes so that it can continue with its task. Going through a bunch of colon reviews both online and offline would be beneficial for you. By this we will get educated with regards to how you should take good care of your overall health and how do you deal with the maintenance of a waste-free colon. Therefore take time to catch up the facts that the colon cleanser reviews provide.

Pick out a product that is purely made from organic ingredients. Additive and chemical compounds can also help you to cleanse your colon but there might be some side effects over time. Check for compounds called Senna and Cascara as they have been some colon cleanser reviews noted to cause potassium loss, electrolyte imbalance and unstable heartbeat.

Get a cleanser that has high fiber concentration and oxygen-based cleansers. These types of cleansers are known to effectively aid in the removal of the toxins both from the colon and the intestines. Buy a product that offers you more benefits and relieve you of the colon waste buildup and some harmful organisms. The extended use of these products may impairment your colon nerves. It is better to consult a health professional before taking any products. They can only give you the best prescription because they are abreast of the colon cleanser reviews themselves. It is always worth following their advice.

Before choosing any colon cleansing product, browse through a twosome of colon cleanser reviews. It is not all about the brand and the price, but it is all about the benefit and the quality. 

Colon Nutrition
Diet and proper nutrition are vital tools in the fight against colon cancer. Quickly building up clues supports consuming a healthy diet for both prevention and treatment. Generally, dietary recommendations encompass consuming less saturated fat and saline and eating a kind of colorful fruits and vegetables wealthy in vitamins and antioxidants. A healthy diet presents a multitude of advantages after preventing colon cancer by following the healthy guidelines underneath for preventing colorectal cancerous disease you may experience a multitude of other positive wholesome advantages including feeling more full of energy and losing weight.

Having plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, fresh fish 1-3 times per week, limit consumption of red meat, avoid excess salt and saturated fats, maintain a healthy weight and keep physically active, limit alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco in any form will help to avoid colon cancer. There are some foods well identified as powerhouses of cancer battling antioxidants and nutrients. These super foods may currently be part of your everyday diet.

Lifestyle modifications include: Maintaining a healthy body weight and exercising to reduce the risk of obesity. Reduction of dietary fat and increased intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and protective omega-3 fats common in fatty fish and canola oil can be helpful. Diet is considered a determinant of increased risk in the development of colorectal cancer. Though it is difficult to ascertain which constituents of diet are most significant in increasing the risk of colorectal cancerous disease, convincing clues proposes a strong association between red beef and fat intake and colorectal cancer. Consumption of animal fat is positively associated with colorectal cancer, while consumption of fatty fish and low fat intake may lower risk. Obesity and lack of physical activity are also associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

Weight Loss: maintaining a healthy diet is important for patients with colorectal cancer in order to withstand the rigors of treatment. A healthy diet includes: protein to maintain muscle mass and repair body tissue, fluids to prevent dehydration, carbohydrates and fats to produce the calories that supply fuel to the body for energy, vitamins and minerals to maintain normal body functioning. Nutritional status is assessed by body weight. Colorectal cancer treatment and side effects that cause weight loss and an unhealthy nutritional status include: diarrhea, nausea, sore mouth and throat and vomiting.

Dietary Modifications:

Patients with colorectal cancer can manage many of the side effects of treatment. As surgery can lead to fluid and electrolyte loss, they can supplement their diet with caffeine and alcohol-free drinks as possible. Sports drinks with electrolytes and liquid supplements such as Carnation boost etc. are also taken. Surgery can also lead to mal-absorption of some vitamins, where patients can add a regular multivitamin supplement to the diet. Patients are encouraged to eat a good variety of foods in order to get all of the necessary nutrients from food rather than from supplements. Folate, calcium and selenium are among the dietary nutrients that offer protection against colon cancer. To alleviate diarrhea, patients should drink clear fluids, consume low fiber, reduced fat nourishment, and bypass hefty, greasy nourishment, raw fruits and vegetables, strong flavors and caffeine.

All of the nutritional recommendations for patients who have completed colorectal cancer treatment are the opposite of what is recommended for patients during treatment. Throughout treatment diet is dictated to a great extent by the side effects a patient experiences and after treatment they now need to follow eating patterns that will maintain good health and prevent cancer and other chronic disease.

Both diet and exercise enhance the body's protecting against system, providing a harmful natural environment for cancer units. Diet and nutrition also play a part in complementary and alternate medicine. In addition to monitoring diet, palliative care may furthermore be helpful to alleviate pain and discomfort comprise.