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Colon cleansing is gaining its cynosure these days due to the lifestyle and the diet patterns we are following making us seriously to opt the cleansing therapies for making colon healthy. It could be the food we ingest or the lifestyle we usually follow, most of us feel exhausted in not time. Also many suffer from the various ill health conditions that make the individual feel uncomfortable. Most of us feel mess with the low energy levels, metabolic rates and sense exhausted sooner than the normal requiring the need for cleansing the colon. Though colon cleansing is the facing severe flak, supplements are promoted explicitly though various media to meet the requirement. Colon flow is such a supplements fall in the same line and is in the cynosure these days due to its features for cleansing the colon and making it clean & healthy.

Colon flow is mostly consisting of the probiotic material. This can be known when checked briefly about its insights. The colon flow is provided by the Natural Health Network. Trusting the product is sometime dubious due to the unavailable information of the official website. We can observe two different websites providing the information on the web making this product to be suspicious. We can know only when we dig deeper for the information about the colon flow product. Let’s leave the branding and come to its working part.

Ingredients: The colon flow is a probiotic blend as discussed earlier. Its blend comprises of lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum. This natural gut flora is known for supporting the normal bowel movement, enhancing of the immunity and the absorption of nutrients.

  • The complex containing the bioflavonoids reinforces the cellular membranes.
  • The natural flora in the gut for cleansing the intestinal tract is stimulated by the apple’s pectin.
  • The favorable microbes (bacteria) are supported by the magnesium oxide in the intestinal gut.
  • Vitamin C in association with the bioflavonoids and the magnesium oxide avoids the travails, assists in passing the stools normally.

What is the Dosage Required?
Colon flow dosage is two capsules per day. That too before starting the first and last meal. The maker of this colon cleanser recommends ingesting a good and healthy diet which should include good amount of fiber daily.

Pros:  Inclusion of the natural ingredients in the regime, suggestion of the good healthy diet by the manufacturer, 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons:  Presence of two official websites make users doubt its brand, whole ingredients aren’t listed in the site, chances of occurrence of side effects using the colon flow.

With the 30 day money back guarantee colon flow can lure the users towards itself but the presence of two website can make the product dubious. However, there are many other colon cleansing products .


09/10/2013 3:28am

Yeah it works for colon cleansing. One of my friends used this supplement and got relief from constipation. The advantage of the colon flow product is it has probiotic formula that helps to enhance the immune system and promotes the regular bowel movements and absorption of nutrients. Recent days it is doing buzz around the internet for healthy colon.


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