Colon Irrigation
Colon Cleansing methods have gained a rapid cynosure due to the diet and lifestyle patterns we follow. Most of us are leading a sedentary life and are habituated to the processed and fast foods. Result is the bad health. Colon in the large intestine serves the body by catering the absorbing of water content and left over nutrients and aids in forming solid stools. The prominence of colon cleansing is mainly known due to the auto-intoxication.

Whether it would be Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy or colonic, they are all the synonyms. Colonics is a method of colon cleansing where the water is infused into the rectum by a colon therapy specialist. The client is asked to lie face up on the treatment bed wearing a gown like dressing which helps in doing the procedure with ease. The colon hydrotherapy includes a speculum which is disposable in nature. It is inserted into the anus which has both the inlet for passing the water and outlet for collecting the debris coming from the rectum. This speculum is connected to the colonic unit. Filtered Luke warm water is released sent into the rectum through the speculum. The solution sent into the rectum causes muscle to contract known to be as peristalsis. The muscle movement causes flush in the colon pushing the fecal matter, toxins and gas to expel out.  The debris flushed from the rectum is collected safely into the hydrotherapy unit.

How Colon Irrigation differ with Enemas?
Though both are the colon cleansing therapies, they differ from each other due to their functionality. Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the complete colon and whereas the enemas are restricted to cleanse only the lower segments of the colon (i.e. descending and sigmoid colon).
  • Colonics includes the multiple infusion of the water into the colon compared to the single infusion of enemas.
  • Undergoing the colonic, user doesn't have to feel strain as the waste is eliminated through a tube. This therapy isn't weird compared to enemas.
  • In enemas, person should visit the lavatory room after the one time water infusion.
  • Colon hydrotherapy must be done by a specialist and requires specific equipment where enemas don’t need any specialist at all. Enemas kit is available online.

When Colon Irrigation is suggested?

It is suggested to the people by the medical practitioners due to the following reasons:
  • To eliminate the mounted up waste from the colon parts of the intestine
  •  To avert the constipation and issues related to it
  •  To advance the immune system
  •  To improve the health of the individual

Does Colon Irrigation Really Work?
This is a common query in most of the individuals. But when the nexus of the colon health with the colon irrigation therapy is considered, it is considered to be a good therapy that can work towards a good colon health.

Advantages doing colonic are improving the immune system. Colonics averse the auto intoxication effects and helps to strengthen the immune system. Due to loss of the unwanted debris from the body, people can lose the weight and indeed become slim. The colonic can toil towards the reduction of the chances of getting colon cancer.

Drawbacks and disadvantages behind Colon Irrigation:
Though there are various advantages with the colonic therapy, there can be some potential side effects like: Cramps, vomiting, nausea, mineral disparity, perforation of colon walls, anal infections, removal of the helpful gastrointestinal flora from the gut, dehydration etc.

Bottom Line:
Colon irrigation with several flaks and touts around the globe marks its presence as an aisle for a good colon health. Most specialists refer it to be a worthy therapy that nemesis the ill colon.


08/28/2013 5:00am

Colonic irrigation is an ancient colon cleansing process which has the many health benefits. Generally colon itself can cleanse the wastes in the most normal manner. If it doesn't work properly this kind of alternative methods will come into the picture. This process can cleanse the harmful toxins, improve the colon functions and immune system becomes stronger. We will have normal bowel movements after this process.

08/30/2013 3:03am

Hello Xanmurphy... I agree with your words, some of the persons are unable to absorb the nutrition values from the food because of their tons of toxins in the colon. In some cases they can't wash out wastes by healthy diet and exercises also, in those situations colon irrigation the best choice which can they undergo. But the doctors are recommending the colon irrigation for older people (50 and above) once in a decade.


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